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Stericont is a leading company producing sterilization containers, sterilization baskets and orthopedic instrument containers. Stericont, which was established to meet the needs in the healthcare sector and ensure the safe and effective use of surgical instruments, offers innovative and quality products.

Stericont consistently focuses on innovation and development. By investing in R&D activities, we keep up with the latest technology in the industry and improve our products continuingly. We offer flexible and innovative solutions to respond to the changing needs of our customers.

Sterilization containers, also known as instrument trays or surgical instrument containers, are specially designed containers used in healthcare to hold and protect surgical instruments during the sterilization process. Before and after they are used in surgical operations, they are used to maintain the sterility of instruments.

Stericont Sterilization Baskets are used in the sterilization process of surgical hand instruments. These baskets are made of stainless steel and provide an ideal solution for sterilizing, storing, and transporting hand instruments. They ensure maximum airflow, allowing steam to reach every point of the hand instruments during the sterilization process.

Orthopedic instrument containers are specially designed closed boxes used to carry and store the tools and equipment required for orthopedic surgical operations. These containers contain various orthopedic materials such as surgical instruments, implants, screws and plates.