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It produces Sterilization Containers and Accessories in an area of ??5000 square meters with its High Technology Machinery Park.

Stericont continues to add new products to its 17344 product range day by day with its R&D studies. By combining its 20 years of knowledge with Modern Technology, it produces its products in a more Innovative and Quality way.

With customer feedback, R&D studies of Specialist Physicians and Experienced Engineers, Educated Technical Staff and Modern Infrastructure compatible with the requirements of the era, Stericont has adopted the principle of high quality, improved and innovative production.

Stericont has adopted the Total Quality Management approach from raw material to after-sales services. With this understanding, it has documented its quality with certificates such as CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485.

Stericont aims to ensure the continuity of Customer, Patient and Physician Satisfaction under all circumstances by educating and informing its personnel at an advanced level in order to respond to the demands of its customers faster and with higher quality. It increases its understanding of Individual and Institutional Quality with continuous training and seminars.

With its exports to five continents for 20 years, Stericont is taking firm steps towards its goals by increasing the number of its Distributors day by day. Continuing its activities in full harmony and loyalty with its dealers and distributor companies, Stericont participates in National, International Fairs and Congresses and introduces its products to the service of the Medical World.

Stericont is rapidly approaching its goals with each passing day, with its understanding of service that does not compromise on the health of patients, physicians and healthcare personnel, customer satisfaction and quality, and its structure open to innovations.”

To be the world’s leading medical device manufacturer by adopting the understanding of “Continuous Improvement” and “Quality is in the Detail” with sustainable growth.

To add value to life with the understanding that human health is above all else and to meet more than the expectations of its customers by producing innovative, high standard medical devices.