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DHS & DCS Plate Instrument Set Aluminium Sterilization Container, aluminium box is used to carry and store the surgical tools and equipments. Main body consist of box, lid, trays and locks are produced from 1050 quality H24 aluminium box. As a set content, there is DHS/DCS plates and DHS/DCS lag screws, locking and nonlocking screws, tray for the screws, screwdriver which suitable with according plate and screws, bone drill bit, angle guides, depth gauge, reamers, guide wires and similar orthopedic surgical instruments. It has 3 sterilization trays which is manufactured for placing the tools to its silicone holders. These perforated orthopaedic surgical instruments sterilization boxes are pre-designed according user needs and before surgical operation it has to be sterilizied covered with thick surgical textile and marked with indicators or labels.

CAT.NO Bottom Perforated
S4200-0500 Set
S4200-0522 Aluminium Box
S4200-0522-02 Lid
S4200-0522-03 Screw Rack
S4200-0522-04 Tray-1
S4200-0522-05 Tray-2
S4200-0522-06 Tray-3

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